Monday, February 18, 2008

1) Twoism - Boards Of Canada (Top Extended Plays)


Boards of Canada
Warp Records

SCQ Rating: 92%

One of the most elusive and fabled EPs of the modern age, Twoism was considered fiction by many electronic fans in the late 90s. After the critical success of Music has the Right to Children, fan speculation began to grow over the limited pressing of Twoism, a debut EP, which received a distribution of only 100 copies. Many fans searched Ebay in vein, while at least one copy reportedly traded hands for no less than 800 POUNDS.

Well, Warp Records finally remastered and released Twoism world-wide in 2002; a year that, in retrospect, I recall as pioneering my interest in electronic music. This 8 track mini-album sounds gruff in comparison to their later records (particularly the sea-sick ‘Iced Cooly’ and the drumNbass-inspired ‘Basefree’), but the nostalgia of playing Twoism over and over in my tiny, university room and feeling that nobody has ever listened to it before makes it my personal favourite BoC release.

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