Monday, February 18, 2008

8) Logistics and Navigation - The London Apartments (Top Extended Plays)

Logistics and Navigation EP

The London Apartments
Beggars Banquet Records.

SCQ Rating: 78%

Indie-tronic wunderkid Justin Langlois, of Windsor Ontario, named himself after a sign he could see from his residence window. As the story goes, his plaintiff whisper originated from having paper-thin walls and awfully bitchy neighbours. This four-track EP of most recent songs was compiled for Beggars Banquet and is likely the most widely available of his material so far.

His angelic sighs are sure to turn heads upon first listen, but meshed with laptop beats and warm guitar tones this creates a stunning set of muffled daydreams. ‘Summer Takes All My Time’ is a perfect first-listen, sounding both terribly depressed and uplifting for those days you can’t be bothered knowing how to feel about anything. There is something so healing about Langlois' compositions, it should only come delivered with a prescription.

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