Monday, February 18, 2008

Top Ten Extended Plays

1996. Grunge was on life-support thanks to bands like Bush and Hole, while Alternative-music, ruled by Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan, conquered both transcontinental airwaves as well as the heart/soul of me; a 14 year old wanna-be misfit. But my income was rough at best – $5 to cut the lawn once a week – and since I was a die-hard Pumpkins fan, I became an avid collector of singles and, occasionally, if lucky, EPs.

The EP, also known as the mini-album, was perfect for my newly-born infatuation with recorded music. Like training-wheels for my ears, the EPs (maxi-singles as they were called in the mid-90s) so regularly released by the Smashing Pumpkins were ideal for shaping my interest in how songs should interact in sequence and mood. By the time I was 16 and gainfully employed, I still sought out EPs, as if their shortened running-time was designed for songs that required special privilege and space. These small collections of songs were more intimate in relation to one another… at least to me. And when I hear of news that an artist or band I like is set to release an EP, I recall that teenage excitement all over again.

In celebration of the Extended Play, whether it be album B-sides, a mini-project or tour-recordings, I represent a Top Ten list of essential EPs worth owning. Unfortunately, I unwittingly ordered them #1 through #10, instead of counting them down vice-versa, so I've blown any chance at garnering some anticipation for the top spots. Enjoy.

Honourable Mentions:

Seal Beach EP - The Album Leaf
Dusk Log - Mum
Spitting Feathers - Thom Yorke
Westerns - Pete Yorn


Anonymous said...

What about Owen? No Good for No One Now? I'll just wait patiently until it appears since we know it belongs. An honest mistake I'm sure.

SCQ said...

Um, yeah... one of two EPs I managed to miss in my haste. Some day soon I'll quietly kick two EPs off that list and replace them. Thanks for the reminder, Em... I mean, anonymous...