Friday, February 8, 2008

SCQ Open Letter

Dear Friends of SCQ,

For those who aren’t aware, I’ve been building a webpage over the past two months that focuses on a semi-wide range of music. I ‘ve never been very efficient with computers, and despite this being my first blog (or maybe because of it), I’m enjoying myself immensely.

As anyone who knows me can likely attest, I love discussing music just as much as I love listening to others discuss it. This is an open letter to anyone interested (and by anyone, I mean you) in contributing a story to SCQ about any album that has particular meaning to you. Which album immediately just came to mind? Any? For many of you, I’d wager a parade of them is clouding your eyes as you read this.

First thing’s first: this is nothing to sweat about. If you’re busy, tired or plain uninterested, no worries. There is obviously no deadline, no rules to write within, no pressure to make poetry. We each have those albums; ones that instantly take you back to when you first heard it, ones that soundtracked an amazing summer, a relationship, a trip, a person, a daily commute, memory or mood. Those records very much have an aura to them that time only magnifies, and whether it’s rock, country, electronica, classical or polka: if it means something to you, it means something to SCQ.

Put that album on and write about hearing it for the first time. Write about the songs, lyrics; whatever struck a personal chord with you. The raw re-telling of why a particular record means something to you is what I’m after. Write two paragraphs or write about three different albums. Make it funny, serious, long, short, anonymous, complicated, whatever. As soon as responses begin trickling in, I’ll post one every month or so in a separate column. If you have any friends or family who would be interested in contributing, feel free to include them. I’m sure I’ll be writing a few.

I've found no websites that specialize in real-life testimonials about music, and considering how a song can bring people together so effortlessly, I think it would make for an interesting column. Would you be up for it?

Reply to with any questions, accusations or complaints.
And visit SCQ Homepage or SCQ Reviews when you’re bored.

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