Monday, February 18, 2008

10) Follow the Lights - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals (Top Extended Plays)

Follow the Lights

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Lost Highway Records

SCQ Rating: 73%

A peace-offering after the marketing coup that kept the Cardinals’ name off the cover of Easy Tiger, Follow the Lights finds the band reunited with Adams, showcasing new material plus Cardinal versions of older material. The new tracks continue Adams recent admiration for traditional song-writing, and finally provide us with a studio rendition of live favourite ‘My Love for You is Real’. The title track and ‘Blue Hotel’ confirm that this is a collection far looser, less-strictly produced than its LP predecessor.

The top-notch highlight, ‘This Is It (Cardinals Version)’, proves both how versatile much of that RockNRoll material is, and how naturally a band like the Cardinals can compliment it. The last two Cardinal Versions, despite sounding great, leave much to be desired, and it would’ve been far more interesting to hear them perform, like ‘This Is It’, older material from Ryan Adams’ early solo material. 'The Drugs Not Working' or 'World War 24' as done by the Cardinals? Could've, Should've.

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