Monday, February 18, 2008

4) Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do - Sigur Ros (Top Extended Plays)

Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do

Sigur Ros
Fatcat Records

SCQ Rating: 90%

I don’t think there’s an EP that can compare with the rush of memories I recall when listening to Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do. It’s indescribable and frustratingly so; I cannot pinpoint how these three lyric-less pieces can bring each of my senses back to the Spring of 2004, when Sigur Ros quietly dropped this oddity into stores. Besides being the perfect season to blind-side Sigur fans with ambient codas of piano, synth, and music-box, each of these tracks act as a web, stitching the threads of old memories and leaving the listener with a 20 minute whirlwind memento.

This recording is also special because it shows an impeccable band working at their most experimental. While these pieces were written for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in 2003, I can’t imagine many fans of this EP wanting to trade in their personal interpretation to see how the music was actually used.

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