Monday, February 18, 2008

6) Fluorescent Grey - Deerhunter (Top Extended Plays)

Fluorescent Grey

Kranky Records.

SCQ Rating: 86%

After the droned-out bliss and chaos of their breakthrough LP Cryptograms, my first listen of the un-processed piano keys opening this EP came as a shock. Like Sonic Youth’s Schizophrenia or an approaching storm, it’s a haunting melody which builds into their most accessible song-cycle yet.

Both the title track and ‘Mr. Glass’ feature female vocals alongside those of Bradford Cox, which delivers an androgynous allure to Cox’s best lyrics. ‘Like New’ picks up where Cryptograms left off, featuring the delay-drenched chords we’ve come to expect, while ‘Wash It Off’ is the pulsing rocker this EP needed to feel well-rounded.

Recorded during the mixing stage of their album, it makes complete sense that the band included this EP as the fourth side of Cryptograms 2LP vinyl. Fluorescent Grey has given us a peek into what Deerhunter can create from all that noise.


the Real One said...

Did you already receive our accolades? Who is this 'Mum' of Dusk Log and is that a REAL name????? Great site , an enjoyable read and great pictures!!!! Love you! The Real One

SCQ said...

Mum are an Icelandic band who used to be really good. Dusk Log was one of those mini 3" CDs which I downloaded because I couldn't locate one. Thanks for the love!