Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#2 Album Of 2010: Let This Be the Last Night We Care - Alcoholic Faith Mission

Let This Be the Last Night We Care

Alcoholic Faith Mission
Paper Garden Records.

Original SCQ Review

It was a year ago right now that I was discovering Alcoholic Faith Mission’s 421 Wythe Avenue, a lush yet fragile indie-rock record, and wishing I could edit it into SCQ’s year-end list. Alas, I couldn’t; even if I was willing to make such an impulsive decision, the list had been posted days earlier. Still, the Denmark collective’s vulnerability, both lashing out and whispering patiently, had me convinced I’d hear from them again… I just figured it wouldn’t happen within four months.

Let This Be the Last Night We Care, like all great follow-ups, doesn’t demean its predecessor so much as open the floodgates 421 Wythe Avenue seemed too introverted to manage. As a result, Alcoholic Faith Mission here operates on an expansive scope, translating heartbreak and healing with a passion that’s tougher to ignore. Songs like ‘Season Me Right’ and ‘Honeydrip’ find Alcoholic Faith Mission out-performing their contemporaries (ahem, Broken Social Scene) while establishing themselves as heirs to the stadium scene. Let’s hope 2011 affords these ladies and gentlemen the recognition they deserve!

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