Monday, December 13, 2010

Proem (SCQ's Year-End Questionnaire Part V)

Among the most respected IDM songwriters out there, Richard Bailey’s Proem alias finally reached SCQ’s office with Enough Conflict, a record that challenged and rewarded in equal measure. By the confrontational elegance of his music as well as his personality (via Proem’s twitter), I knew Bailey would have some interesting replies to this feature. In a response that’s quickly becoming customary, Proem doesn’t disappoint… even if I don’t know what VVVV / Processing is.

SCQ: Every list-lover's favourite question: what are your top albums of 2010? Feel free to include any older yet worthy records you discovered this year.

Here’s a pretty solid overview of things I’ve been playing in or “the studio”

Deceptikon - Mythology Of The Metropolis
Buy this if you don’t mind being forced into shaking things that resemble booty. Start to finish. Oh and the artwork is hot (even if i painted it).

Clark - Totems Flare
Clark can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. Some of the sickest, dirtiest, most enthralling deliciously hyperactive production I’ve heard in a long while. I’d call it an instant classic but that would be an understatement.

Car Bomb - Centralia
These guys will melt your brain. Ferocious blend of weird time signatures, polyrhythm and spine shattering transitions. One of my best mathcore/death metal finds of 2010

SCQ: What were you listening to a lot of while recording your impressive Enough Conflict?

Far more death metal than I care to list, sprinkled with a fair amount of Einsturzende Nuebauten, Nitzer ebb, the misfits,... the usual suspects. It’s almost too bad that doesnt let you search by more strict date ranges, otherwise id just show you

SCQ: Be cocky for once in your life: what was the finest thing you did all year? That moment where you actually thought "shit, I nailed that..."?

Usually, if you are 100% sure of something,... it’s probably wrong. That test you took, the interview you just went on, the song you just finished, the ... etc. All near direct hits, but not “mission complete”. Even in the most extreme cases there is, and should be, some jagged razor sharp shard of doubt poking out of the stinking carcass that has been thrown through the windshield of your day to day existence. If it wasn’t there,... it would probably be time to throw the computer power cable over the support beam and end it all. In other words,... this question: nailed.

SCQ: Effect and Cause: Your record presented me with a learning curve I too seldom invite: to find soft melodies beneath razor-sharp instrumentation. 'she never cries', my first breakthrough track, occurred on a sunny October walk from work, and has since been succeeded by other highlights. Okay, your turn: confess a true tale that inspired one of the songs on Enough Conflict.

The one that comes to mind,... is perhaps the tale of “fall forward”. the name itself is a play on the spring forward / fall backward day light savings rule. About two or three weeks prior to any daylight savings time change my internal clock goes way off the rails of my “normal” sleep cycle. Sleep patterns switch in a matter of days and I wind up falling forward instead of springing forward as it were. Perhaps I’m just trying to get to the future faster... On a production note, and probably more to the point, I wrote the piano part on my very first fathers day three years ago. So,... there’s that.

SCQ: If all the reasonable and implausible ideas in your head came to fruition in 2011, what would they be?

1) I’d make a record that would finally dethrone “socially inept” as “most played” on
2) my dream of being 99% hardware based would come to pass. This is easier said than done. My wish list is long and expensive.
3) I could play more shows this coming year. Of course any performance would be one more than I’ve done in three years.
4) I’d get enough time around VVVV / Processing to build a light/sound reactive installation piece,...

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