Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#24 Album Of 2010: New Love - Former Ghosts

New Love

Former Ghosts
Upset the Rhythm Records.

Original SCQ Review

Fleurs bundled a number of firsts into its synth-pop opus, introducing Freddy Ruppert’s cathartic bellow, Nika Danilova’s authoritative wail and some of the most reverb-laden, self-destructive pop songs I’d ever heard. Although that element of surprise isn’t as evident or rewarding this time around, New Love’s quiet upgrades develop ultimately richer. Some refinements have been made; electronic backbones render sleeker confessions out of ‘Until You’re Alone Again’ and ‘Winter’s Love’, while even the harsher emotions of ‘Taurean Nature’ go down easier without the claustrophobic lid of reverb the trio once depended on. Match glossier arrangements with some new talent – Yasmine Kittles of Tearist – and New Love recreates a series of firsts that again benefits the whole.

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