Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#6 Album Of 2010: Endless Falls - Loscil

Endless Falls

Kranky Records.

Original SCQ Review

Considering how the first, oh, twenty times I listened to Endless Falls occurred during my morning walk to work – a job, let me tell you, I deplored – it’s almost unfathomable that I still admire Loscil’s latest full-length so much. I’ve often thought about those walks and how I’d regularly stroll right past the office doors to avoid being early, to avoid having to sit in that cubicle, under those lights, for a moment longer than necessary. I’d walk to the next suburban neighbourhood and hook left, imagining that my stroll was no less carefree than the retiree walking his dog or the elderly couple with parka hoods up. I tried to match their pace, knowing all the while that precious last minutes were slipping away, that eventually I’d have to turn around and march through those doors.

February’s blizzards never caused me to stray but this was different – this was spring, and the way Endless Falls bled chlorophyll and concrete-coloured puddles like thick sap in slow-motion rendered those morning minutes awe-inspiring. Tiny orbs of dew clinging to tall grass, raindrops sliding off high branches; as a witness to these events, I was a sponge soaking up all of earth’s raw data, and Loscil provided a dampened score for still-life moments you breath to the depth of your lungs.

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