Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#3 Album Of 2010: "In Evening Air" - Future Islands

"In Evening Air"

Future Islands
Thrill Jockey Records.

Original SCQ Review

While introducing Future Islands for SCQ’s year-end interview series, I made casual mention of the trio’s “intoxicating mystique”. As soon as I’d written it, I knew I’d pinpointed precisely what crushes me about “In Evening Air” and the feeling it transmits directly into my brain and limbs. Like all vital post-punk, its tense rhythms make me long for the dancefloor while J. Gerrit Welmers’ vocal-earthquakes cause me to convulse with admiration. Its combined rush defies forethought and caution in favour of primal instincts – to dance and sing, to beat your chest and declare your love and loneliness. No record on the planet related to this urge better in 2010 than “In Evening Air”.

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