Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#26 Album Of 2010: Skit I Allt - Dungen

Skit I Allt

Mexican Summer Records.

Original SCQ Review

For three consecutive nights in September, I sat down on my floor and spun Skit I Allt twice like a child trying to understand the mysteries of nature. The results were similar; where the experience failed to decode Dungen’s secrets, it made up for by hugging these songs into a smooth, satisfying whole.

It’s hard to know how to react the first time you hear opener ‘Vara Snabb’; it’s as though some new-age flutist joined forces with a stoner-metal act trying to clean up their act. Ultimately, the initial feeling that washes over the unsuspecting listener – that realization of complete musical geek-dom – is hardly even understood so early into Skit I Allt, but Dungen give us the full tour over the following half-hour. The 70s Kraut-rock of ‘Brallor’, the Cars-like guitar-pop of the title track, the complete freak-out that embodies the latter half of ‘Hogdalstoppen’; every lush and noise-riddled stop along Dungen’s set tips at Skit I Allt’s emotional rocks (‘Min Enda Van’ and ‘Marken Lag Stilla’). All of its jazz and lounge-oriented turns sound very lived-in, providing further depth to the Swedish band’s trademark psych-rock passages.

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