Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#4 Album Of 2010: Eyelid Movies - Phantogram

Eyelid Movies

Ghostly International / Barsuk Records.

Original SCQ Review

A sleeper-hit if I’ve ever heard one, Eyelid Movies has steadily amassed a loving fan-base since its quiet February release. It’s encouraging to witness, not only because the record is a nearly perfect blend of trip-hop beats and shimmering guitar, but also due to Phantogram’s incredible live shows. I mean, if all of the duo’s extensive touring this year couldn’t shake every indie-lover out of slumber, I was ready to toss in my badge.

A shadowy electro-pop album at heart, Eyelid Movies offers a bit of everything, from the gritty beat-work of ‘Running From the Cops’ and tough basslines (under gorgeous vocals, I might add) on ‘Bloody Palms’ to shoegaze-inspired flights on ‘All Dried Up’. So stunning is its variety and cohesion that I didn’t even test-listen any of it. Phantogram were courting me from the outset and, six months on, they’ve yet to ease their talons on me. Don’t be wary by its allure; Eyelid Movies is truly that easy to fall in love with.

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