Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11. Out Of the Vein - Third Eye Blind (2003)

(Taken from a SCQ Review:)

In May of 2003, I hobbled across my hometown mall’s parking lot with a fresh copy of Out Of the Vein in hand. Crossing to the nearest bus stop, I suddenly said aloud: “Wow, am I even going to like this band anymore?” A fraction of reasoning for this outburst was likely due to a mono/strep-throat combo that kept me fevered and under house-arrest for days but, for the most part, I was recognizing that Blue, their previous album, was my favourite new record five years ago. When confronted with a band like Third Eye Blind, whose sound is singular and unlikely to fiercely change, five years is forever; imagine all the friends, records, opinions and love interests passing through those years that shape and refine one’s musical tastes? Despite such hurdles, Out of the Vein more than satisfied my doubts, eventually being crowned as my favourite of Third Eye Blind’s output and the best record of 2003.

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