Wednesday, January 27, 2010

19. Come With Us – The Chemical Brothers (2002)

Ah, their unsung masterpiece. Beyond my virginal interest in crossover acts like Massive Attack, the first dance album that ever opened my eyes was revealed mere days before Sam the Record Man - the record store I had worked at for two years - shut its doors forever. As is the case with any uncorrupted record store, each co-worker gets a pick and one of my colleagues chose Come With Us. All these years, I’d only ever heard lame Gatecrasher trance and then, out of nowhere, a good dance record throws me into existential crisis. Featuring such timeless hits as ‘Star Guitar’ and ‘Denmark’, Come With Us was more than Chemical Brothers most united song-suite; it opened up a new side to the electronic genre for me to wander. And I’ve never turned back.

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