Wednesday, January 27, 2010

46. Tanks and Recognizers - Lights Out Asia (2007)

My friend and I have a running joke: like clockwork, Lights Out Asia show up at a random Milwaukee high school to compete in its annual battle-of-the-bands competition. They unload all of their extensive gear, play a show so immense and spectacular that the audiences’ spines go straight, the auditorium’s house-speakers blow, and Lights Out Asia are awarded second place. Sure, part of the joke is in reference to Milwaukee’s questionable music scene but mostly the joke is our way of expressing confusion that Lights Out Asia aren’t selling out shows in Paris, Tokyo and Germany. What’s that they say about a joke you have to explain…?

Tanks and Recognizers should’ve catapulted this Milwaukee trio toward the post-rock echelon with unforgettable epics like ‘Roy’, ‘March Against the Savages’ and ‘Four Square’ but word never traveled. Here’s hoping the band’s upcoming 2010 effort earns them the attention long-since due.

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