Wednesday, January 27, 2010

38. The Reminder – Feist (2007)

Never, at any point preceding the release of The Reminder, did I plan on buying a Feist album. Yes, I’d heard ‘Mushaboom’. No, I didn’t gush about it in public. I’d seen her live and, yeah, it was pretty much by accident. So the way I saw it, my odds of buying The Reminder on the first day of its release seemed fairly slim… but that’s because I’d never heard it.

Wandering the predictable aisles of HMV, I recognized the layered Arts & Crafts-styled guitar-pop of ‘Feel It All’ as Feist and noted some element of inner surprise. Then the eerie balladry of ‘The Water’ lulled me toward the store’s corner speakers, whispering sweet mysteries, and by the time ‘How My Heart Behaves’ trickled through my ears like the best song Bjork never wrote, I was trading scratch for it at the counter. Yes, I know ‘1,2,3,4’ is on it and, no, I don’t gush about that track either but The Reminder is truly one of the finest Canadian albums ever, and a classic where any country is concerned.

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