Wednesday, January 27, 2010

18. Finally We Are No One – Mum (2002)

Nothing characterizes the Morr Music sound quite like this record, although it helps that Finally We Are No One was the first Morr record I’d ever heard... as soon as I awoke in the late afternoon sunset of January, the day after a house-party gutted our student home. Despite my poor condition, Mum sung a comforting yet playful divergence from then-favourite Sigur Ros (the only other Icelandic band I’d heard at the time) and this record displays both their talent for song-based vocal tracks (‘Green Grass of Tunnel’) as well as their more celebrated instrumental electronica. The band would soon-after begin fracturing (losing key vocalists in the Valtysdottir sisters) and shift gears into a more eclectic, eight-piece collective. Still, Mum’s legacy lies in their early trilogy of albums, of which Finally We Are No One is a worthy centerpiece.

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