Wednesday, January 27, 2010

39. Takk… - Sigur Ros (2005)

What did Takk… accomplish if not delivering on the promise put forth by Agaetis Byrjun? Just when fans and critics had forgave Sigur Ros’ for shunning their orchestral urges (with the stirring sterility of ( )’s waiting room, and again with warmer experimentation on Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do), Takk… launches with enough firepower to not only bring the Icelandic four-piece full circle creatively, but to trademark their own piece in the post-rock pie. In fact, there might be a tad too much firepower, as this third full-length tallies an inordinate amount of massive climaxes (I stand by my early assessment that the ten-minute ‘Milano’ needn’t have been included), but that’s just me taking Sigur Ros for granted again. After all, it takes a transcendent band to turn new tricks from post-rock’s old-hat dynamics and, for all their imitators, there isn’t a single other band in the world like these guys.

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