Wednesday, January 27, 2010

25. Solaris OST – Cliff Martinez (2002)

After seeing Steven Soderbergh’s re-make of Tarkovsky’s classic Solaris, I couldn’t tell if I enjoyed the film or merely enjoying watching how the images complimented a thrilling soundtrack. Such was how my interest and eventual purchase of Cliff Martinez’s ambient masterpiece began, which has since scored many train-rides, years of late-nights and a few dozen assignments. Spaceous (no pun intended) and cinematic, Solaris is tightly-woven suite that derails into moody slivers - the uneasiness of ‘Maybe You’re My Puppet’, the solemnity in ‘Death Shall Have No Dominion’ and the heartbreaking hope of ‘Can I Sit Next to You?’) - over these eleven soundscapes. Although the re-make is alright, I certainly recommend getting familiar with the soundtrack first - it’s as versatile to your every-day life as it for ghosts in space (no spoiler intended).

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