Wednesday, January 27, 2010

34. Happy Songs For Happy People – Mogwai (2003)

Mogwai’s catalog is something to envy. The Scottish outfit needn’t commit to drastic changes on their songwriting, as it makes up the strong backbone to post-rock as a whole, so each album is inevitably distinguished by cosmetic differences. Young Team was raw, Come On Die Young was quieter, Rock Action carried an increasingly polished veneer and Happy Songs for Happy People went borderline electronic. And equipped with these softer, sonic lens, Mogwai transcended new ground, giving ‘Moses? I Amn’t’ and ‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’ an added cinematic touch.

Like I said, though, these are aesthetic changes; Happy Songs for Happy People also prizes some of the band’s best work. If ‘Hunted By a Freak’ isn’t a convincing candidate for Mogwai’s greatest tunes, ‘Stop Coming To My House’ is the shoe-in ringer (without doubt, one of my most played songs of the decade). Let’s hope they reach these heights again someday…

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