Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#10 Album of 2009: Junior - Royksopp


Astralwerks Records.

SCQ Album Review

One of my many social distastes has always been when someone refers to an object as “fun”, unless said object happens to be a rollercoaster. Calling a song or album “fun” has always been particularly grating – I can’t explain it. Once I’ve gushed about Junior's bouncy, free-spirited and relentless nature, however, I can’t dance around the issue any longer: this is a tremendously fun album. As its absurd cover announces, Junior is the opposite of all the chin-scratching pomposity that the ‘P4k generation’ validates music with, and reaffirms how deftly addictive Royksopp’s songwriting is. With a cast of guest-vocalists ranging from Lykke Li and Robyn to Karin Dreijer-Andersson (of the Knife and Fever Ray), Junior’s onslaught is similar in scope to Basement Jaxx’s 2003 effort Kish Kash… only less aggressive and more cohesive. Royksopp will have quite the dominating discography if they are able to continue putting out albums of this quality every three years.

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