Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sight Below (SCQ's Year-End Questionnaire Part II)

Few artists reign a sound so perfect and addictive as this wonderful guest. Besides releasing Glider, one of my favourite albums released in 2008, the man only known as The Sight Below recently dropped Murmur EP, an elegant update on his subtly shifting repertoire. Filling us in on his current listening, The Sight Below also provides some details on his many future projects.

SCQ: What have been some of your favourite records of 2009? Gush away!

Yagya - Ringing
The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases
Tiny Vipers - Life on Earth
Simon Scott - Navigare
Ben Frost - By The Throat
Teenage Filmstars - Star (i bought a reissue this year)
The Cure - Disintegration (sounds as good as it did 20 years ago!)

SCQ: Be it from the radio, lost on Myspace or from your roster, what songs could you not stop spinning?

Simon Scott - 'Under Crumbling Skies'
The Chameleons - 'Less Than Human'
The Caretaker - 'Lacuna Amnesia'
Tiny Vipers - 'Dreamer'

SCQ: Seldom celebrated but crucial to the album’s identity is cover-art. Can you offer any shortlist of personal favourites from the past year?

Anything on the Miasmah label this year was absolutely fantastic. Erik has brilliant design concept. Same goes for Ghostly International - some great stuff on the label.

Also, some of the covers on Type this year were gorgeous (Mokira's Persona is great!).

SCQ: When you look back on what transpired this year, what will stand out as your most memorable professional moment(s) of 2009?

So many good things happened this year. I think some of the best experiences were playing the Ghostly 10 showcases in the US and EU (including Berghain in Berlin), playing Sonar Festival in Barcelona (joined by Simon Scott on the guitars), playing at MUTEK 10 in Montreal, playing together with Fennesz at Node Festival in Italy, and doing a UK tour with Simon and Svarte Greiner. This was a lovely year and have kept really busy so far!

SCQ: Most of us probably haven’t thought as far as New Years Eve plans but still, looking forward, what do you have on the horizon for 2010?

A new TSB album coming out in March 2010, including some songs I did with Simon Scott. Also, I have a remix I did for Echospace coming out early in the year.

There is also going to be a mini-LP on Immune early 2010 and a proper Miasmah follow-up to "Daydreaming."

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