Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Memory Tapes / Memory Cassette (SCQ's Year-End Questionnaire Part IV)

Few indie artists have achieved the breakout notoriety that Dayve Hawk has built for himself this year. Upon a steady chain of remixes (for Yeasayer, Midnight Juggernauts, Fools Gold), releases (Call and Response EP, Seek Magic) and monikers (Memory Cassette, Memory Tapes, Weird Tapes), Hawk has become a crossover sensation among rock and electronica fans, critics and bloggers. From his succinct plans for 2010, it sounds as though he’s just getting warmed up.

SCQ: What have been some of your favourite records of 2009? Gush away!

Chris Bell- "I Am The Cosmos"
Fleetwood Mac- "Tusk"
Dennis Wilson- "Pacific Ocean Blue"

SCQ: Be it from the radio or lost on Myspace, what songs could you not stop spinning?

Thomas Wayne- "Tragedy"
The Sylvers- "Only One Can Win"
Johnny Mathis- "What'll I Do"

SCQ: Seldom celebrated but crucial to The Album’s identity is cover-art. Can you offer any shortlist of personal favourites from the past year?

Memory Tapes- "Seek Magic"
Lightning Dust- "Infinite Light"
Prefuse 73- "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian"

SCQ: When you look back on what transpired this year, what will stand out as your most memorable professional moment(s) of 2009?

all my moments were unprofessional.

SCQ: Most of us probably haven’t thought as far as New Years Eve plans but still, looking forward, what do you have on the horizon for 2010?

another album. and then another one.

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