Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#11 Album of 2009: As Good As Gone - Nudge

As Good As Gone

Kranky Records.

SCQ Album Review

Full disclosure: my first listen to As Good As Gone occurred while I happened to be on a near-lethal (although entirely legal) drug cocktail. ‘Harmo’ had all the charm and serenity of a chimney-smoking log cabin but from ‘Two Hands’ onward, with its dubbed-out basslines and Honey Owens’ chilled-out vocals, I became increasingly intimidated. By the time ‘Aurolac’ crept through my ears, I was convinced As Good As Gone was omnipresent, no longer playing through speakers but all around me, its menacing vibes revealing themselves in reality as if the Gods were chilling to Nudge. At first I resisted and, well, freaked out, but eventually I calmed myself to both the nature of my condition and the brilliance of these songs. While that first terrifying listen forged a survival-bond between this record and I, its unusual beauty has grown deeper with each subsequent, sober listen.

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