Friday, December 4, 2009

Cover Art Highs and Lows: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Phoenix


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
V2 Records.

Seriously. Are these construction-paper stencils of the Hindenburg before the disaster, when it was cute and one-dimensional? Or are they falling bombs, one of which unlucky enough to bear the worst album title of the year outside of Raditude? It’s one thing to cap off a discography of thoughtless covers with one that borders on insulting, but another thing entirely to rip off the grade school lack of creativity that only Morr Music clings to like it’s really working in their favour. Next time, guys, just pull the same routine you did with It’s Never Been Like That; stand around as if you’re waiting for someone, and try to look cool in spite of the dude standing on his head. Another flawless choice.

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