Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#20 Album of 2009: Dustland - The Gentleman Losers


The Gentleman Losers
City Centre Offices.

SCQ Album Review

To say there’s something haunting about Dustland is a terrific understatement, although not in your traditional, scary way. Instead, the Gentleman Losers’ sophomore album is positively spooky in how it rests like fog around your eardrums, how it sprinkles sunlight through overcast and how each song unravels an aural terrain of rolling hills, shadowed valleys and stretched plains to wander indefinitely. Here’s a record that somehow gets better while you don’t play it, returning to you when you’re focused on something else and itching your random playlist every time you catch its cover-art from the corner of your eye. Merely haunted? Just another understatement for 2009’s most understated album.

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