Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#5 Album of 2009: 3:03 - Plastik Joy


Plastik Joy
n5MD Records.

SCQ Album Review

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more adventurous electronic album in 2009 that’s this easy to listen to. Sure, there’s nothing quite groundbreaking about Plastik Joy’s love for folktronica; in fact, I credit 3:03’s prettiest songs for getting me hooked [the ratchety auxiliary percussion of ‘63 (She Was Trying to Sleep, I Was Trying to Breathe)’, the heartbreaking ‘Barcelona – Reykjavik (FHE276)’]. Yet for every trace of the familiar, Fannar and Cristiano contrasted with doom-laden guitars (‘Medispiace’), fuzzed out IDM (‘Hands’) or a flurry of guest-vocalists who each give these compositions their own vulnerability. If this album is poised to be classified under the folktronica banner, 3:03, at the very least, stretches the sub-genre’s limitations and gives the term some much-deserved credibility.

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