Friday, December 4, 2009

Cover Art Highs and Lows: Magnolia - The Wooden Birds


The Wooden Birds
Morr Records.

Um, right... Remember my earlier comments about how Phoenix’s less-is-more aesthetic resembled Morr Music / grade-one art class? Well, this one actually is Morr Music, and no shit. So there’s a dude floating above Yoshi Island clouds and partly trapped inside an amoeba. Next to him is another silhouette that’s disappearing. Oh sorry, was there something to misinterpret here or is this just the latest example of twee-to-the-point-of-banality Morr indie-cool? Don’t get me wrong, Morr has done some cool covers (including the last album by Andrew Kenny’s previous band American Analog Set) but where Set Free’s cover was emblematic of the record’s themes and studio-notes, Magnolia’s vacuous feel only suits its neither here-nor-there, rag-tag music. About as twee as purgatory gets.

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