Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#15 Album of 2009: Girls Come Too - Still Life Still

Girls Come Too

Still Life Still
Arts & Crafts Records.

SCQ Album Review

Numbers don’t lie. And what a refreshing fact that is, when year-end lists can pit album against album, personal preference against preference, until you’re tempted to start the list over from scratch. With Girls Come Too, all I had to do was check out its play-counts on I-Tunes to know how fanatically and unconsciously I spin this record. This debut finds Still Life Still already mastered in the art of damaged, carnal lusting, in songs where fractured reflections and one-night stands are equivalent to eating and breathing. Drinking is still equivalent to drinking, however, from the clinking sound of two bottles cheers-ing at the start of ‘Flowers and a Wreath’ to the morning-after farewell of ‘Wild Bees’.

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