Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#9 Album of 2009: Vancouver - Matthew Good


Matthew Good
Universal Records.

SCQ Album Review

At least on paper, I think Vancouver is the album many Matthew Good fans have been waiting for these last six years. Not that Hospital Music isn’t an essential touchstone in his career, and not that White Light Rock and Roll Review wasn’t without its merits, but no record compliments the lush orchestration and patient explosiveness of Avalanche quite like this one. In terms of padding electric guitar with tender symphonies and writing personal songs that comment on the political, that 2003 effort and Vancouver perfectly bookend his solo work as the antithesis to Matthew Good Band’s discography. Where that band put an interesting spin on power-chord hooks and angst-ridden rhetoric, this latest Good work concretes the maturation that at first sought to find his place on this planet, and now the refinement of finding his place in British Columbia. Having come full-circle in his solo endeavors, the question now is: where to next?

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