Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#17 Album of 2009: Colour Codes - Red Box Recorder

Colour Codes

Red Box Recorder
Acroplane Records.

SCQ Album Review

My first few listens to Colour Codes found me rightly overwhelmed. From the symphonic beat-mongering of ‘Unabomber’ and lazer-beam trance of ‘Kid Cadmium’ to the gentle IDM of ‘Leonard’, Red Box Recorder seemed to be scratching out blueprints and rewriting his strengths between tracks. This eclectic nature never lets up and, in the odd case, maybe journeys too far from home, but I’d rather hear an artist occasionally overshoot his boundaries than insist on playing it safe. Despite its variety, Colour Codes feels united by its jubilant nature, continually surprising and engrossing.

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