Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Deep Dark Woods (SCQ's Year-End Questionnaire Part II)

The Deep Dark Woods brought me into Spring with the warm, alt-country songwriting of Winter Hours. As depressing as the thought of another winter is, I know this debut will keep me company as Canada goes into deep-freeze all over again. Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Boldt and bassist/vocalist Chris Mason discuss their career highlights thus far, and what’s to come from this excellent prairie act.

SCQ: What have been some of your favourite records of 2009? Gush away!

Chris: Gordon Downie's Coke Machine Glow. It really stands the test of time. Every time I listen to it (mostly on the road) is a whole new experience. It's one of my favorite albums. As far as albums released in 2009....I very much enjoy Wilco's new album.

Ryan: I bought the Stanley Brothers Later King Years box set this year and it's blown my mind. There isn't a bad song on it. Lots of great banjo tunes and aching ballads.

SCQ: Be it from the radio, lost on Myspace or from your roster, what songs could you not stop spinning?

Chris: Check out the song "pain" by The Sumner Brothers. It's on their myspace page. Heartbreaking

Ryan: Merle Haggard - "Ramblin' Fever" and The Band's "Home Cookin'". Two songs that I can't stop listening to. I've had them on high rotation for a long long time now.

SCQ: Seldom celebrated but crucial to The Album’s identity is cover-art. Can you offer any shortlist of personal favourites from the past year?

Ryan: I haven't really bought any new albums this year except Bob Dylan's Together Through Life. It's not a bad album cover. One of my favorites of all time is Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man. It shows an aging Leonard eating a banana. It's a real beauty. Bonnie Tyler's album with the lazers shooting from her ears is pretty good too.

SCQ: When you look back on what transpired this year, what will stand out as your most memorable professional moment(s) of 2009?

Chris: My favorite moment was the barn show at The Pickathon Festival in Portland. The Ottawa show with Elliot Brood was an amazing night/show as well. Playing with Little Miss Higgins and Foy Taylor during "The Roots and Blues Roadshow" tour was a very fun time. The shows just got better and better.

SCQ: Most of us probably haven’t thought as far as New Years Eve plans but still, looking forward, what do you have on the horizon for 2010?

-playing at the 2010 Olympics
-lots of great festivals lined up
-west coast shows in the states
-recording a new album? Probably.

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