Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#19 Album of 2009: You Can Have What You Want - Papercuts

You Can Have What You Want

Gnomonsong Records.

SCQ Album Review

Funny thing, time. I can spend six, eight, ten months insisting that a certain record isn’t fantastic yet if said album can survive that passing of time without losing its conversation-piece, its durability kinda outshines any argument I can make to the contrary. And to perpetuate that theory, You Can Have What You Want really isn’t that fantastic… but it does get under your skin. Here’s a record that is as adequate to soundtrack your 4am drunken walk home as it is ideal for melting into the couch. The excessive haze and reverb songwriter Jason Quever packs into each song, although claustrophobic at first, begins to comfort over time and plays out like the warmest, hippest psychedelic tunes you could find in your parents’ LP collection. If not quite fantastic, You Can Have What You Want is certainly timeless.

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