Friday, December 4, 2009

Cover Art Highs and Lows: II - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas


Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Eskimo Recordings.

Most people typically identify awesome cover-art when they want to buy an album without even hearing it. Isn’t that something, buying something that’s worth will ultimately be determined by listening to it on the basis of visual aesthetic? Yet it happens all the time, and it happened to me with the long-awaited sequel by Lindstrom & Prins Thomas. If I had to guess what was happening here, I’d hypothesize that all these stringy animals (giraffes, parrots, female-faced butterfly) are converging into one unnamable, undying beast that kinda represents all of animality. Yeah, the art’s cool… but what pushes it into SCQ’s Top 5 is how the music shifts and amalgamates accordingly, collecting from eight separate weeds to spawn one giant, uncontrollable garden of utter nonsense. Top score!

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