Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#18 Album of 2009: Lost Channels - Great Lake Swimmers

Lost Channels

Great Lake Swimmers
Nettwerk Records.

SCQ Album Review

One of the reasons I love year-end lists is that they give you an excellent opportunity to wield hindsight into your critical ear. Without hindsight, we’d never realize that album we fawned over in June was actually pretty one-note or that Myspace band you quickly scanned deserved increased attention. Take my review of Lost Channels for instance, and that regrettable sentence where I insist the record is “top-heavy”. Ack! While I eventually acknowledge that the bottom half characterizes Great Lake Swimmers best, I can now appreciate how centered and well-sequenced Lost Channels is, with many of its best tracks (‘Stealing Tomorrow’, ‘River’s Edge’) orbiting the contemplative final third. A mesmerizing collection of atmospheric folk.

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