Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#13 Album of 2009: Ursa Major - Third Eye Blind

Ursa Major

Third Eye Blind
Mega Collider Records.

SCQ Album Review

Ursa Major was my Chinese Democracy; a mythical collection of songs by an increasingly marginalized act, one who littered rumours of release as often as their fans doubted band-loyalty. And like Guns N Roses fans, I awaited official word of new music because I cherish Third Eye Blind’s back catalog for the devastating songwriting talent radio singles barely scratched the surface of. And even though Ursa Major mounted their great surprise on naysayers by cracking the Billboard 200’s top 3 this past summer, it’ll still shock some to find Third Eye Blind among this shortlist of predominantly indie selections.

Well forget for a minute that Third Eye Blind helped shape our current crop of brash singer-songwriters and discard the bizarre fact that Third Eye Blind are now, indeed, indie. Ursa Major, while not the band’s best work, remains a potent cure for what ails modern radio. As any high school reunion will prove in spades, the coolest classmates were those who evaded the fashionable cliques. Thirteen years after ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ set the pedestahl, and caught between aging mainstream notoriety and their growing second-wave fanbase, Third Eye Blind are proving to have lost none of their cool.

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